Vlatka has always had a passion for personal development and she also trained as a Certified Master Coach, Licensed Master NLP Practitioner, Psychological Kinesiology Practitioner and Educational Kinesiology Practitioner.

She has been coaching C-level executives since 2007 using her own research-based methods for transformational behavioural change.

She has developed The Management Shift Accreditation Programme for Coaches to train experienced coaches to help leaders shift to a higher level of mindset, performance and success.

Testimonials – Coaching

“As a professional involved in transformation projects inside my organization, I was looking for a holistic system and a coaching framework anchored into research that could support mindset shift while giving birth to Innovation at scale.

When I read Vlatka’s book “The Management Shift”, I immediately knew that I found what I was looking for: a thorough meta-analysis and creative system to help organizations move to the next level of conscious innovative evolution.

Being a coach myself, I immediately subscribed to The Management Shift Coaching programme and started coaching senior executives on Vlatka’s 5 Leadership Levels and related progression strategies.

Vlatka provides very practical reflective coaching practices on emotions, vocabulary and behaviours for each level, that really helped the coaches to sense and embody the new Emergent levels of Leadership.

I was amazed by the quality of discussions we had with my coaches and the Aha moments that the various Leadership levels triggered.

Throughout the coaching, I could watch these senior professionals opening up to new area of possibilities to lead their teams and their business units to deliver better results through a more energetic, joyful and collaborative style of leadership. This was extremely rewarding for me and for them.

If you are a coach or a leader, I can only recommend you to enroll on The Management Shift coaching programme and start creating ripple effects that will allow Emergent Leadership practices to thrive for the best of our people, organizations and our entire planet.”

Axel Ferreyrolles, Head of Innovation & Learning Strategies, SAP Sales Learning

“The Management Shift coaching approach is very logical, easy to understand and the fact that it is research-based is a real differentiator. The approach is very well suited to analytical professionals and it allows them a systemic approach to uncovering self-realisations at quite an accelerated pace.

I noticed a profound impact from the higher-level language use on my coachees, their energy levels and their team relationships. I highly recommend this approach for coaches to accelerate their practice to new unbounded possibilities.“

Talita Ferreira, Authentic Change Solutions

Vlatka provides a tailored coaching service that allows clients to identify and strengthen their development areas. Excellent service with tangible results.

Paul Newman, CEO, Chair and NED

Vlatka was my thesis supervisor whilst undertaking an MSc at Ashridge. She brought a calm insightful, structured and inspiring approach to what at first seemed an overwhelming task, so that it became a process which I really got some useful research out of.

A lot of our thinking on new models of leaderships closely aligned and I really enjoyed the process of taking her academic models and observing them in my workplace to see the gaps that could be improved.

Practicing what she preaches, she guides, coaches and leads in a way in which engages you and ensures that you get the best out of yourself.

Many thanks again for your help Vlatka.

Jonathan Parsons

VO HR EMEA The Hitachi Rail

Reflecting on your coaching sessions, I was surprised by the breadth and depths of topics we covered. It has certainly helped me to become more self-aware and to value allocating time to reflect. I feel more comfortable in dealing with difficult topics and contributing to the senior management team.

Dr N.C.A., Founder and Director of Thai Group of Companies, UK


Examples of testimonials from previous clients

Due to the personal and confidential nature of some coaching assignments, testimonials provided on this page do not contain full client contact details. Specific contact details of former clients however, can be provided upon request.

Examples of testimonials from Professor Hlupic’s recent clients include:

Dear Vlatka, Thank you very much indeed for the excellent coaching session, which I found very useful. I have already started using the exercises.

Ms H.D., Chief Executive, Public Service Organisation, UK

I have been most fortunate to have had Professor Vlatka Hlupic as my executive coach. After only one session with her, my confidence has increased and some of my worries were dealt with. Her coaching has been fantastic illustration of her positive power. I am so looking forward to the next session with her.

Dr N.C.A., Founder and Director of Thai Group of Companies, UK

Dear Vlatka, I wanted to thank you for your advice, support and coaching over the recent months. Reflecting on the sessions, I was surprised by the breadth and depths of topics we covered. It has certainly helped me to become more self-aware and to value allocating time to reflect. I feel more comfortable in dealing with difficult topics and contributing to the senior management team. It has given me improved confidence and I am able to speak more freely and deal more readily with difficult subjects. I have gained many useful skills and a handy personal toolkit of exercises I can readily employ for an array of issues. Importantly, I have had the confidence to achieve a better work-life balance and a more reflective and balanced view of my personal and professional goals.

Thank you again for your support and I do hope we will keep in touch.

Mr P.N., Director, Public Service Organisation, UK

Dear Vlatka

Thank you thank you and thank you again for your advice and coaching exercises. They have helped me on a daily basis deal with the whirlwind that is my life whether it is a recalcitrant toddler or a demanding MD. Whenever I feel myself boiling up I use those tools to return me to a gentle simmer. I cannot tell you how much these exercises have helped me return to work after baby number 2 in good humour, lay down the basis for the career that I want to have rather than the one I feel stuck with and the ability to deal with people objectively and calmly.

Mrs A.F., Managing Editor, Major Publishing Company, UK

Vlatka is very enthusiastic, positive, motivational and has a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies to offer. She has helped me to improve both my confidence and my work/life balance with a very varied range of techniques.

Mrs R.P., Director, Public Service Organisation

I run my own business and, although things were going well for me, I felt that I would benefit from taking a wider perspective. I was starting to get a little bogged down and some of my thinking patterns needed to be reviewed and encouraged to develop.

Vlatka’s has a calm yet enthusiastic approach to her coaching. I found she was very perceptive and able to identify the kind of person I am, what drives me forward and how I learn best. She was very good at helping me to see the benefits of a better life/work balance and gave me the tools to make the necessary changes. She invited me to try out a number of exercises, both practical and mental, which I found to be really useful and effective.

I came away from my sessions with Vlatka feeling energised and focussed and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to my own.

Ms L.E, Company Director in Tourism Sector

This is a testimonial for Dr Hlupic’s coaching services. She has helped me identify the key areas in which my personal and professional development can help me achieve my potential. This has meant that not only am I able to focus on the key areas in which I can succeed, but also enabled me to develop into new areas of excellence. Her ability to enable me to excel in my potential has brought about new opportunities for me that I had previously been unable to comprehend or take up. As a result of her coaching I am now able to achieve excellence and promote it in those around me such as my students.

Professor S.Q, University Professor, USA

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Vlatka is an amazingly inspirational woman with a wealth of knowledge about leadership, consulting and cultural transformation. Her approach is unique, refreshing and is certainly leading edge. Her 6 Box Leadership Diagnostic tool gives organisations laser focus to build on their strengths and embrace their developmental opportunities. In 22 years of corporate life as executive director for HR and Finance, I have never encountered anything as insightful. As an individual she is a role model for her own approach.

– Talita Ferreira, CEO of authentic change solutions,

former cho and hr director for bmw

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