Why I Wrote “The Management Shift”


October, 2014

The research, the philosophy and the approach described in The Management Shift represent a life’s work. Over the years, I have become convinced that this radically different ideology of management can even make this world a better place – hence my passion to communicate the ideas. As I developed the 5 Level Emergent Leadership Model (described in Chapter 4) and used the knowledge behind it to help many C-Level executives to achieve an individual shift, I realised that helping one person at the time was not good enough and not fast enough for me. I love big ideas, and I love to make them happen even more, so I decided I needed to figure out how to help entire organisation shift to the new level of consciousness, culture and performance. I also needed to discover how to do that in many organisations at the same time.

This is how my quest to develop a tool/technique for an organisational shift started. I then went back to my research projects in diverse areas. I looked at research findings from numerous PhD students I supervised; I read over 1,000 books and articles and created a framework with factors that drive value creation, engagement and innovation. The next step was a creation of the 6 Box Leadership Model and associated online diagnostic tool described in Chapter 5 of The Management Shift. I then used this tool and associated processes for developing Action Plans for the organisational shift successfully in many organisations around the world, as illustrated in Chapter 6.

On this journey, I met Dr John Adair, one of the world’s leading authorities on leadership, who inspired and persuaded me to write his book to share all this knowledge worldwide. This fitted perfectly with my intention to disseminate my work globally and help many organisations achieve a shift towards people and purpose-focused leadership. This also helped me to achieve my aim to bridge the gap between academia and practice; to put ideas and theory into action, and make an impact on the real world of business.

My aim is to inspire many leaders to adopt more people centric management practices, to show the ways of uplifting and engaging employees whilst creating value and innovation.  I also wrote this book for business schools’ faculty and their students, the future leaders. I want to help educate and prepare these students for the type of leadership that will fulfil them and inspire those they will lead.

I believe the academic aspects of The Management Shift book will appeal to scientific, left-brain focused individuals. The practical, consulting aspects would appeal to more pragmatic, action-oriented professionals. But, most of all, I hope that the humanistic, compassionate and purpose-driven perspectives will create a powerful impact and inspire readers to take an action that will set them on the path to embrace and harness the power of people. A sincere desire to make a positive change that comes from the heart has the power to transform, restore and elevate individuals and organisations to the new level of thinking, acting and achieving. Anyone yearning to play part in producing more purposeful, fulfilling and happier workplaces will indeed make this world a better place and leave an extraordinary legacy.

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