Professor Hlupic appears regularly in media with her interviews, articles and expert commentaries. Examples of her media appearances are provided below.

Links to press articles

Harvard Business Review: To Be a Better Leader, Give Up Authority

Changeboard Blog: The Management Shift: An engaging strategy

Interview on “Bad Bosses at the Heart of Employee Turnover” – Forbes

Computer Weekly: Innovation, collaboration and performance: Use new leadership to align IT with business results

The Telegraph: British managers must build for the future

Dialogue Review: Management 2.0: the authentic and trustworthy organization

The Guardian Roundtable

Marketing Magazine: How To Foster An Open Source Culture

The Guardian: Public sector use of social media takes off

Training Zone: Giving up power can boost performance and profits

“Think more deeply, act more persuasively”– guest blog for the Global Peter Drucker Forum

“A shift to a higher leadership level”, Croatian United Nations Association

“Putting ourselves back in charge” – guest blog for Mick Yates’ blog

“It is all about people” – HR Magazine

“Is our management fit for purpose?” – guest blog on GoToMeeting blog

“A shift to a new leadership level” – World Commerce Review

“Leading in all directions” – Edge Magazine

“An engaging strategy” – Changeboard Magazine, October 2014

“Interview for Croats in London portal”

“Interview for Women in Adria portal”

“Three reasons why humans will beat robots in the battle of brains” – Dialogue Magazine blog

“Humans aren’t resources – so let’s stop treating them that way” – People Management, December 2015, pp.34-35

“Why Paying more can reduce your cost base” – CMI Insights

“Let’s rebrand HR: Human Resonance” – HR Magazine

“Shifting to a Higher Level of Individual And Organizational Consciousness” – Huffington Post blog

Vlatka Hlupic:”Engaging teams in smaller businesses” – Edge

Vlatka Hlupic: “A six-shooter for better business” –  Dialogue Review, December 2015