What is The Management Shift?

It is increasingly clear that business as usual is not fit for purpose. Corporate life expectancy and performance have plummeted 75% in the past 50 years. Furthermore, in the face of technological revolutions and globalisation, organisations need to be both nimble and innovative. But how? Evidence is emerging of a new way to operate. This is demonstrated in a proven approach known as The Management Shift, developed by Professor Vlatka Hlupic and used by many international organisations. This approach is articulated in Professor Hlupic’s new book of the same name. It shows busy executives the Why, the What and the How of superior business management.


The Management Shift is a transition

  1. From a controlling mindset to an empowering one
  2. From setting rules to establishing principles
  3. From issuing instructions to creating teams
  4. From overseeing transactions to building alliances
  5. From a focus on short-term profits to serving all stakeholders

It means a ‘shift’ both for individual executives, and for the wider organisation. We call it a shift rather than a transformation or change programme because it involves changes in behaviour that lead to changes in practice rather than a wholesale break with the past. The extent of the shift needed varies according to context, but it is always conscious, deliberate and measurable.

The Management Shift progress