The Management Shift Online Toolkit is Launched Today!

We should all be driven by purpose. I see my purpose as creating ripples for individuals and organisations with my ideas, and by doing so, making this world a better place. Part of that purpose is to help others to create ripples for themselves and others. This is the reason why I decided to, in addition to my own work, develop other ways to help professionals create The Management Shift ripples.

One of the new initiatives we have launched today is an online The Management Shift Toolkit with 15 items including The Management Shift board games, cards, masks, posters and handouts. Anyone in any part of the world is now able to order online the Toolkit and get it delivered locally. The Toolkit Handbook provides a description and suggested usage for all items. These items can be used for educational, experimental and change management purposes by any individual or organisation in any part of the world. They are based on many years of my interdisciplinary research.

Anyone who gets a Toolkit could use the educational items in the set as a Licensed User, experiment with the items in the Toolkit and experience The Management Shift using instructions from Toolkit Handbook. Licensed Users can use the items from the Toolkit in their organisations but not as professional trainers or practitioners for third party on a commercial basis. Only The Management Shift Accredited Practitioners and Trainers could do so.

This Toolkit contains the following items to run a workshop for up to 10 participants:

1. TMS Toolkit Handbook for Licensed Users (TH-01)

2. TMS Workshop Participant Workbook (WB-01)

3. A1 Board Game ‘Exploring the 5 Management Shift Levels for Leaders’ (BG-02)

4. A1 Board Game ‘Exploring the 5 Management Shift Levels for Employees’ (BG-02)

5. A1 Board Game ‘What I see in Our Organisation’ (BG-03)

6. A1 Board Game ‘Exploring the 6 Box Value Creation Themes in my Organisation’ (BG-04)

7. A1 Poster ‘Answers for BG-01 for Leaders’ (PO-01)

8. A1 Poster ‘Answers for BG-01 for Employees’ (PO-02)

9. A4 Handout ‘Dominant Level for Me and My Team’ (HA-01)

10. A4 Handout ‘Exploring the 6 Box Value Creation Themes in My Organisation’ (HA-02)

11. A4 Handout “Exploring Purpose for Me and My Team” (HA-03)

12. TMS Licensed User Certificate

Cards and Masks are not available from this online shop. These can be purchased by contacting

13. TMS Card Sets – Uncoded and Coded for Leaders (UCL-01 and CCL-02), Box of 50 cards (business card size)

14. TMS Card Sets – Uncoded and Coded for Employees (UCE-03 and CCE-04). Box of 50 cards (business card size)

15. TMS Masks – lightweight, elasticated card masks, one for each the 5 TMS levels (MA-01), set of 5.

Board games and cards could be used to learn the language and thinking patterns of the 5 Levels of The Management Shift, discover the dominant level for individuals, explore key issues facing an organisation and brainstorm on how to address these issues. Handouts can be used for various individual and group exercises, masks could be used for role plays or as an anchoring tool at office walls.

The complete Toolkit or its individual components can be purchased at:

Masks and cards can be obtained separately by emailing You can also contacts us on this email to obtain further information about our Accreditation Programmes for management consultants and trainers and other services we provide.

We hope you enjoy using the Toolkit, experience many eureka moments whilst using the Toolkit items and in the process create many positive ripples for yourself and others. Last but not least, please help us to spread the ripples by sharing this link:

Thank you!

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