“The Management Shift” Book

(Selected by Forbes as one of the top eight business books in 2014)


How to Harness the Power of People and Transform Your Organization For Sustainable Success

Research shows that corporate life expectancy and performance have declined 75% in the last 50 years – organisations need a different approach if they are to survive, let alone thrive.

While people are often stated as a company’s greatest asset, few businesses have a clear model of leadership that improves engagement, removes barriers to innovation, and uncovers hidden strengths in people and the organisation. This book addresses that need and, more importantly, demonstrates HOW organisations can make The Management Shift to a new way of thinking and working. Professor Hlupic argues that organisations now need to adopt a leadership style that focuses on people, purpose and knowledge sharing, creating new types of value and ultimately improving innovation and engagement – leading to improved business performance.

Based on leading-edge research supported by numerous case studies, which demonstrate the power and impact of change, The Management Shift offers managers a practical and systemic approach to diagnose leadership issues in their organisation. It then provides an implementation process to shift their mindset and organisational culture to the new level of thinking, performance, and ultimately business success.

The Management Shift ebook by vlatka Hlupic

How To Buy “The Management Shift” Book

The book is available for purchase in hardcover and digital formats from the following retailers.

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Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 240 pages.

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Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 240 pages.

Dr. Hlupic’s insights are truly groundbreaking. What makes her ideas, which are brilliantly described in The Management Shift, even more meaningful is how she has integrated them into her 6 Box Leadership tool. The result is that executives and consultants can now easily implement 6 Box Leadership principles in practice, so that organizations can benefit from tomorrow’s management today.

Jack Bergstrand

CEO, Brand Velocity

Vlatka’s insights on how to put innovative theory into practice is a true step change in management. She shows many cases that it is actually possible to transform organisations to become more profitable while at the same time to become more engaging for all employees. She provides clear guidance on how to successfully create the future and sets the new management standards for the digital information age.

Carsten Hentrich

Director of Digital Transformation, PwC Germany

In the new era, business leaders need to shift from a focus on profits to leading their organizations with a purpose and a set of values that engender passion and pride among their employees and customers. This book sets an agenda and a framework to guide business leaders in this important quest.

Sunil Gupta

Edward Carter Professor of Business, Harvard Business School