Vlatka has been consistently receiving an excellent feedback on her academic, consulting and coaching work. The “word cloud” on the right shows feedback from her students on the executive MBA course and the Master in Finance course at London Business School.

Endorsements for her latest book “The Management Shift”, testimonials from her consulting and coaching clients, and feedback on some of her talks are provided below.

Vlatka Hlupic testimonials

Managers at SAP provided feedback on Vlatka’s masterclasses on The Management Shift

Endorsements for the books

"Vlatka Hlupic provides inspiration and direction for those seeking to realize the full potential inside their companies and in society at large. With examples from a wide range of leaders, she shows that high performance begins with a focus on people."
Deepa Prahalad

Co-Author, Predictable Magic

"This book outlines ideas and insights from 59 eminent leaders globally. It implores leaders to adopt humane approach to build their organisations. It enlightens the expectations and aspirations of millennials who constitute predominant workforce globally. It encourages gender-balanced organisations to achieve excellence and effectiveness. I strongly recommend reading it.”
Professor M.S. Rao

Author of over 40 books including '21 Success Sutras for CEO's'

“Not only are great leaders first and foremost good human beings, Vlatka’s excellent book Humane Capital, explains loud and clearly how this can be translated into high performance organisations and above average return. Possibly the best investment you could ever make“.
Paul Polman

CEO, Unilever

“Rich with case studies and stories, Vlatka deftly details the critical importance of a humane and purpose-driven workplace.”
Dan Pontefract

Author of 'Open to Think', 'The Purpose Effect' and 'Flat Army', Authentic Change Solutions

“In ‘Humane Capital’, Vlatka gives us a provocative series of insights from the narratives of leaders within different types of businesses. Building on her transformative work in ‘The Management Shift’, this is a rich and compelling call-to-action for anyone looking for success in management and fulfilment as a human being”.
Phil James

CEO, Institute of Leadership and Management

“This is a timely book – engagement levels remain stubbornly low – a crushing waste of human potential. This passionate book seeks to address this problem and to create work places which are life affirming. The argument is enriched with lively case studies and interview material. It deserves to be widely read”.
Professor Gareth Jones

Fellow, London Business School

“Vlatka’s contribution pushes an open door in the direction of how the Fourth Industrial Revolution envisions the role of organizations in the 21st century: Maximizing Human Well-Being. The underlying understanding that building organizations around human centered systems is of cardinal importance, is what makes of this book a wonderful journey, entrenched in some of the most emerging organizational theories as well as applications on the nature of firms today. A must read”
Professor Mark Esposito

Professor of Business and Economics, Harvard University's Division of Continuing Education

“When we think of some of the greatest challenges facing organisations today – disruptors changing the playing field, the gender-pay-gap, lack of diversity of thought throughout leadership levels in organisations, the need to resonate with customer needs at a very deep level, the tremendous increase in mental health and stress issues and five generations of employees to motivate and engage simultaneously; there is no doubt that some organisations are in serious need of transforming. Humane Capital provides powerful insights into the approach to follow to humanise organisations and the tangible financial rewards to reap from leaders who have done it and are very credible. As former CFO there is no doubt in my mind that organisations need to be brave to make Professor Vlatka’s ‘big shift’ to create more inspiring working environments that allow individuals to bring their real selves to work for the sake of continued business performance, relevance and growth”.
Talita Ferreira

CEO and Founder, Authentic Change Solutions

“Vlatka’s book is a timely reminder of how more so than ever it is imperative that businesses wake up to their broader societal responsibilities and recognise that it is possible to do well by doing good. Social good and impact should not be seen as a nice to have or trade-off and is something companies at all stages can embrace as highlighted by the case studies in the book; shining a light on the best practices within the non-profit, SME and corporate world.”
Rajeeb Dey MBE

Founder & CEO, Learnerbly

“Vlatka Hlupic’s new book is full of interesting insights and observations. The book will be interesting for all who want to be a successful manager in today’s rapidly changing world.”
Oleg Elshin

Nobel Prize nominee, President, CEO, Terra Seismic

“The importance of human quality is critical to organizational success. Vlatka’s ‘Humane Capital’ will make a difference for business leaders and organizations.”
Subir Chowdhury

CEO, ASI Consulting Group

“‘Humane Capital’ is an outstanding read from a management scholar who has worked extensively with leaders and businesses. It highlights the thoughts and reflections of 59 business leaders in a lively and entertaining way, many nuggets of wisdom here!”
Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE

50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology & Health, ALLIANCE Manchester Business School

“In an era when corporations increasingly treat employees as just another means to their financial ends, and work becomes both more contingent and precarious and ever more controlled, here is a bracing and timely antidote. Treating people well at work is the right thing to do, says Hlupic, with plentiful case studies in support, and there is no downside. No excuses: just do it”.
Simon Caulkin

Senior Editor, GPDF

“Humane Capital presents a well-researched argument for the growing importance of humanizing business and Vlatka’s narrative incorporates several compelling case studies that demonstrate that ‘doing good’ is actually ‘good business’.”
Sangeet Paul Choudary

Best-selling author of Platform Revolution and Platform Scale

“Humane Capital’ is a really thought-provoking analysis of the management challenges facing companies, large and small, in today’s fast-moving economy.  Most managers recognise the tensions between long and short term thinking, and between people and profits. Vlatka Hlupic provides some valuable advice for how to resolve these tensions, to make companies more sustainable and more humane.”
Professor Julian Birkinshaw

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Deputy Dean, London Business School

“A powerful, and provocative, blend of case studies, research, and practical implications for making business more personal and personal more humane”.
David Burkus

Author of 'Friend of a Friend' and 'Under New Management'

“Finally we get a book that truly describes the urgency to go from traditional management focus to leadership. As Professor John P Kotter at Harvard so wisely puts it: “the worlds is over managed and under lead”. Now your book, The Management Shift, gives us important insight and concrete tools.

As an operative CEO at Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, I will have great benefit of your book describing the challenges I meet as a leader, but more important, challenges facing our customers.

As you say: “In business management, there is a problem. There is also an historic opportunity. And now, there is a major breakthrough.” Indeed it is, and your book gives me the motivation to believe in this, and to be part of driving the change.” Thank you.

Anita Krohn Traaseth

CEO, Innovation Norway

“The field of leadership development is presently in need of fresh thinking. In this book Vlatka Hlupic offers her own contribution in the form of her ‘6 Box Leadership Model’ for consideration. All those who are interested in the present state and future direction of the field will find in the pages this book a fresh and thought-provoking approach. I warmly welcome it.”
John Adair

Chair of Leadership Studies, United Nations System Staff College

“Dr. Hlupic’s insights are truly groundbreaking. What makes her ideas, which are brilliantly described in ‘The Management Shift’,  even more meaningful is how she has integrated them into her 6 Box Leadership tool. The result is that executives and consultants can now easily implement 6 Box Leadership principles in practice, so that organisations can benefit from tomorrow’s management today.”
Jack Bergstrand

CEO, Brand Velocity

“This is an inspiring book.  Dr Hlupic makes a compelling case for radical changes in how large companies work, and she charts a very clear course for a new type of leadership that seeks to harness the talents and commitment of all employees.”
Julian Birkinshaw

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

“The 6 Box Leadership diagnostics and management methods will give your organisation everything it needs to unleash the creative power of your organisation and win in today’s fast paced, hypercompetitive world. Without this new way of management, firms will  be stuck in the past and hopelessly left behind by competitors who adopt the 6 Box approach.”
Richard A. D’Aveni

Bakala Professor of Strategy, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

“Vlatka Hlupic makes the case for fundamental change in management theory. She is posing some questions that should have been asked already a long time ago, the answers to which are not only relevant to business, but to all those institutions (business, governmental and NGO’s) that dominate our human lives in the 21st century. This is a book that shows the way, not just to better economic results, but to a better society.”
Arie de Geus

Former Corporate Planning Director, Shell Group

“The most articulate, fully researched and inspiring managerial manifesto for the 21st century corporation yet written”.
Dr Jules Goddard

Fellow, London Business School

“In the new era, business leaders need to shift from a focus on profits to leading their organisations with a purpose and a set of values that engender passion and pride among their employees and customers. This book sets an agenda and a framework to guide business leaders in this important quest.”
Sunil Gupta

Edward Carter Professor of Business, Harvard Business School

“Use the powerful 6-Box Model and its lessons from Vlatka Hlupic’s new book to put your team on the fast track to success. Outstanding, unique work from one of today’s most important management consultants! Excellent!”
Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers50 Top Ten Global Business Thinker

“I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hlupic including co-authoring several white papers as part of the Management Information Exchange (MIX). I am thrilled at her success in capturing a powerful and much-needed corporate transformation model wonderfully described in ‘The Management Shift’ .”
Michael Grove

CEO, CollabWorks, Inc.

“Vlatka’s insights on how to put innovative theory into practice is a true step change in management. She shows many cases that it is actually possible to transform organisations to become more profitable while at the same time to become more engaging for all employees. She provides clear guidance on how to successfully create the future and sets the new management standards for the digital information age.”
Carsten Hentrich

Director Digital Transformation, PwC Germany

“Vlatka Hlupic has enjoyed an impressive career in the world of leadership studies. I strongly endorse the ideas which she has developed and presented in ‘The Management Shift’.”
William Hopper

Member, European Parliament

“A great book for the challenges of our time. I hope aspiring managers and entrepreneurs will read it!.”
Sajda Qureshi

Professor of Information Systems, University of Nebraska at Omaha

“Dr Vlatka Hlupic’s work is a significant contribution to transforming management thinking and organisational life that we need for today´s and future world. “The Management Shift” shows the big picture and at the same time, offers a proven method related to how to tackle the route to unfold human potential in organisations for sustained prosperity.”
Franz Röösli

Professor for Organisational Behaviour, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

“In the aftermath of the financial crisis mangers had to confront harsh criticism and blame. It has become clear that a renewal of management is required for regaining the credibility and legitimacy to address the huge challenges we face in our economies and our societies. The good news: management doesn’t need wholesale reinvention; it just needs to rediscover its true vocation and priorities. Vlatka Hlupic provides a timely and important contribution in this field by combining the Drucker inspired systematic approach to the discipline of management with latest thinking and relevant tools for practitioners.”
Richard Straub

President, Drucker Society Europe, Senior Advisor IBM Global Education Industry

“Vlatka Hlupic has done a terrific job in describing the need for a paradigm shift in Management and Leadership. It is about more contradictions that need to be reconciled and the 6 Box Leadership Tool does the practical application. A must read!.”
Fons Trompenaars

Author, “Riding the Waves of Culture”, ranked in the Thinkers50 as one of the most influential management thinkers in the world

“Vlatka Hupic’s “The Management Shift” is a rich exploration of the way in which the corporate landscape is increasingly emphasizing people and purpose—and not just profit. As such, it’s not only useful; it’s quite hopeful.”
Rick Wartzman

Executive Director, Drucker Institute, Time.com columnist

“For many of us writing about the principles of enlightened leadership over the years, the rate of progress has been frustrating slow. Vlatka Hlupic in ‘The Management Shift’ has achieved a potentially significant breakthrough by linking theory to practice on how to transform workplaces. She takes management teams through the levels of progress that leaders and their teams experience as they move towards higher levels of engagement, in an approach where people are rightly viewed as the source of all value.
Philip Whiteley

Co-author, New Normal Radical Shift

“For any business leader looking to get more from their people, this book is a must-read.”
Rob Wirszycz

Director General, techUK

“Vlatka Hlupic’s wonderful book provides the methodology to implement Management 2.0 using her 6 Box Leadership system. The key is putting people first. Improving your organisation’s performance has never been so easy”.
Paul J. Zak

Professor of Economics and the founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Claremont Graduate University

“Vlatka had studied an incredible list of “humane” companies and distilled the practices that more fully engage employees. These are incredible cases and even better insights that can be adapted to any organization. This book reinforces the importance of taking care of people who will take care of customers and others. Very well done!”

Dave Ulrich

Professor of Business, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Consulting Clients

“Acting upon 6 Box Leadership diagnostics has been very important at our consulting firm. We enhanced our social collaboration capabilities, updated our internal HR personal assessment process, and increased our personal accountability. Going well beyond greater self-awareness, 6 Box Leadership helped us reinvent ourselves as individuals and as a company.”
Jack Bergstrand

CEO (former CIO & CFO of Coca-Cola), Brand Velocity Inc.

“Over the last few years I have used surveys to identify ways in which to improve our leadership. We took the 6 Box Leadership survey, and our experience was that this gave much more specific and detailed feedback to us.

The 6 Box Leadership diagnostics identified principles we needed to honour to become more successful. My experience tells me that general surveys can be used year after year to give an overall view, but if you want to know more, dig deeper into the challenge to be a modern leader, 6 Box Leadership gives you the answers.”

Business Development Director, IT consultancy, Norway

“The 6 Box Leadership survey was very easy to administer and came up with some very interesting findings. Perhaps most importantly, it provided the impetus for us to apply renewed vigour to the training and personal development of all staff and as a consequence we are now rewriting our training policy, making it far more employee-friendly, putting the onus on managers, mandating more training, and providing far more tailored courses. The survey also galvanised our approach to charity which had previously been our best kept secret. We are now collecting a list of favoured charities from all staff and we will then have a poll to see which ones to support. We have also appointed a fund-raising champion who will be responsible for that task.”

Managing Director, City of London Insurance Company

“We are very satisfied with the outcome of the survey given for our employees, and the discussion we had about survey results. The survey points out clear challenges for us, and we will adapt our methods and practices in the light of the survey results. We very much appreciate the effort, insight and discussions as the outcome of the survey, and would give recommendation to this process and Vlatka especially. We are grateful for this experience, and hope that we can carry out good results from this and create value.”

Director, IT consultancy, Norway

“The organisational diagnostic exercise based on Professor Hlupic’s 6 Box Leadership Model provided an extremely valuable perspective on how our strengths and areas for development as an organisation can be exploited for the benefits of both our service users and our workforce. The findings were useful and we triangulated the data with other sources of information to enable creative and courageous conversations to take place which has led to some new thinking about how we get the best out of our workforce, look after them more effectively and better engage our most valuable asset in the process of transformational change.”

Clinical Director, NHS Trust, UK

“There was a correlation between the messages from the 6 Box Leadership survey and the National NHS Staff survey. Both surveys identified the same areas of concern, and I do see the results have a value in indicating areas for further exploration and to target for improvement.”

HR Director, NHS Trust, UK

“This exercise has been both thought-provoking and informative. It will inform future business planning and my own personal development.”

Network Director, NHS Trust, UK

“The survey provided a very accurate assessment of the business. I was impressed. It highlighted some fundamental problems with the business.”

Managing Director, Media company, South Africa

“6 Box Leadership compares favorably with other frameworks of this type, and it assumes that the buyer is interested in the most powerful solution.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“6 Box Leadership integrates the systems/process, strategy and resources (the hard side of culture) much more directly and efficiently.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“Confirming what was working well for us and discovering what was really driving our success has proven to be very enlightening. Equally, being able to see the organisation through our staff’s perceptions and linking this to our culture, strategy and processes has been very valuable. We now have a holistic perspective through which to help sustain and enhance our performance, engagement and patient outcomes.”

Chief Executive, NHS Trust

“I have experienced Vlatka’s excellent skills on innovative leadership approaches while building two departments as a leader in a global IT consulting and services company. Vlatka”s influence has been of significant help. The business results were outstanding productivity improvements and employee motivation and engagement.”

Director, Consulting company, Germany

“6 Box Leadership has better fundamentals than most other approaches.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“I can see using 6 Box Leadership on the front end of a transformation engagement (for example, to compare “as is” with the desired “to be” for the organization), or as a standalone offering (that may compete against less powerful “employee engagement” offerings). Doing so would likely show gaps between where an organization is today and where its leader would like it to be.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“The 6 Box Leadership is helpful for dealing with the maturity of culture and the relationship of culture to the ability to move to a more structured and process-based approach to running and growing a business.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“I think looking at the low scores around decentralization, closing the gap between stated and realized objectives and dealing with burnout / frustration issues will allow us to shape our discussions and develop action plans that can address our weaknesses and improve our strengths simultaneously.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“Several of the identified weaknesses – mentoring, development of people and authoritative model – are natural areas of development for a small firm and one that is focused on establishing and building its market position. That said, I agree they are areas of future focus. I think mentoring is a particularly key area as we develop our resources and add resources to the firm.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

“The link to Reinvention Framework potentially adds a lot more of an action component than do most competing models.”

Board Member, Management consultancy, USA

Coaching Clients

“Dear Vlatka, thank you very much indeed for the excellent coaching session, which I found very useful. I have already started using the exercises.”

Chief Executive, Public Service Organisation, UK

“I have been most fortunate to have had Professor Vlatka Hlupic as my executive coach. After only one session with her, my confidence has increased and some of my worries were dealt with. Her coaching has been a fantastic illustration of her positive power. I am so looking forward to the next session with her.”

Founder and Director, Thai Group of Companies, UK

“Dear Vlatka,

I wanted to thank you for your advice, support and coaching over the recent months. Reflecting on the sessions, I was surprised by the breadth and depths of topics we covered. It has certainly helped me to become more self-aware and to value allocating time to reflect. I feel more comfortable in dealing with difficult topics and contributing to the senior management team. It has given me improved confidence and I am able to speak more freely and deal more readily with difficult subjects. I have gained many useful skills and a handy personal toolkit of exercises I can readily employ for an array of issues. Importantly, I have had the confidence to achieve a better work-life balance and a more reflective and balanced view of my personal and professional goals.

Thank you again for your support and I do hope we will keep in touch.”


Director, Public Service Organisation, UK

“Dear Vlatka

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your advice and coaching exercises. They have helped me on a daily basis deal with the whirlwind that is my life whether it is a recalcitrant toddler or a demanding MD. Whenever I feel myself boiling up I use those tools to return me to a gentle simmer. I cannot tell you how much these exercises have helped me return to work after baby number 2 in good humour, lay down the basis for the career that I want to have rather than the one I feel stuck with and the ability to deal with people objectively and calmly.”

Mrs AF

Managing Editor, Major Publishing Company, UK

“Vlatka is very enthusiastic, positive, motivational and has a wide range of tools, techniques and strategies to offer. She has helped me to improve both my confidence and my work-life balance with a very varied range of techniques.”
Mrs RP

Director, Public Service Organisation

“I run my own business and, although things were going well for me, I felt that I would benefit from taking a wider perspective. I was starting to get a little bogged down and some of my thinking patterns needed to be reviewed and encouraged to develop.

Vlatka has a calm yet enthusiastic approach to her coaching. I found she was very perceptive and able to identify the kind of person I am, what drives me forward and how I learn best. She was very good at helping me to see the benefits of a better life-work balance and gave me the tools to make the necessary changes. She invited me to try out a number of exercises, both practical and mental, which I found to be really useful and effective.

I came away from my sessions with Vlatka feeling energised and focused and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation to my own.”


Company Director, Tourism Sector

“This is a testimonial for Dr Hlupic’s coaching services. She has helped me identify the key areas in which my personal and professional development can help me achieve my potential. This has meant that not only am I able to focus on the key areas in which I can succeed, but it has also enabled me to develop into new areas of excellence. Her ability to enable me to excel in my potential has brought about new opportunities for me that I had previously been unable to comprehend or take up. As a result of her coaching I am now able to achieve excellence and promote it in those around me such as my students.”
Professor SQ

University Professor, USA

Feedback on Keynote Talks

“What an inspiring speech! You definitely showed that there can be heart and soul in a lecture while still being academically comprehensive—a groundbreaking approach to professorship.”

Competency Manager, Global Blue Chip IT Consulting Company

“I was very privileged to attend Professor Hlupic’s inaugural lecture. She did an amazing job of relating academic research to real-life business concepts. Her lecture was also very inspiring in terms of its innovation and positive energy.”

Senior Manager, Global Blue Chip Management Consulting and Technology Services Company

“Professor Hlupic has shown at her Inaugural Lecture what every company that wants a bright future should apply to their management philosophy, and that is a modern paradigm based on knowledge partners/employees who have no boundaries in their everyday tasks.”

Company Director, Project Management, UK

“Thank you very much for inviting me to your inaugural lecture; it was an honour to be part of this special event. And also many thanks for the great lecture I really enjoyed and the notes on top, which is lovely. I had difficulties writing everything down, so the slides are perfect.

It was a great lecture, highly interesting – of course – but also very entertaining. I certainly appreciated that it wasn’t a traditional lecture in presentation but full off expertise and wisdom, as one would expect. I’m sure the companies will enjoy having you tickling their brains.

Again, many thanks for the great evening.”

Company Director, Executive Coaching and Project Management, UK

“I want to thank the University for a very good evening yesterday and, in particular Professor Hlupic for a thought-provoking and entertaining Inaugural Lecture.”

Manager, Global Blue Chip Insurance Company

“I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your speech. I thought the constant use of visual and audio aids was progressive and extremely useful in maintaining my concentration throughout the speech. The use of humour and the brain gym also helped to make it enjoyable. I thought the clear moral viewpoint was both ethical and appropriate in this increasingly interconnected global world. Well done again.”

Charity Events Organiser, UK

“Thank you very much for inviting us yesterday – it was great to be there. You had clearly put in a huge amount of effort and it definitely paid off.”

Medical Director and Consultant, Large UK Hospital

“Thank you very much for yesterday’s lecture about interdisciplinary approach to management. I found the topic very interesting and you presented it with such a confidence and calmness and your presentation was outstanding.”

Dentist, UK-based Dental Practice

“I much enjoyed your lecture. Thank you for sending the slides.”

Academic, UK University

“Thank you for the marvellous lecture.”

Academic, UK University

“It was good to see you yesterday and many thanks for the interesting presentation. Look forward to many more.”

Academic, UK University

“We enjoyed your speech thoroughly last night; it was enlightening. You obviously know your subject inside out and it showed.”

Academic, UK University

“Many thanks for taking the time out of your weekend to present to the MIL course. The emergent leadership model is very interesting and relevant to myself.

Your presentation was very well executed and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”


Vice President IT - Europe

“It was great to meet you at the weekend and I really enjoyed your talk. Overall, I was very impressed with your research and your model. I was particularly impressed with the evidence and experience from case studies. I will definitely be following up on this, and once I have a new position I may well be in touch. Thanks again.”


“Thanks so much for sending me the presentations. I hope the University appreciates the excellent learning opportunities you provided for the students. No doubt the feedback from students registered on the programme will reflect this.”

Executive MBA

“I don’t normally bother with feedback but felt that I would make an exception in this instance.

I think that today’s workshop was really really excellent and would like to thank you for running it and for inviting me.

I got so much out of the day and was totally engaged by everything that was discussed.”



“Dear Vlatka,

First of all, let me express my sincere gratitude to you for two wonderful sessions that we had recently. Both courses were extremely useful in that they resulted in my better understanding of profound processes which underlie an individual’s relationships with his inner world and outer environment.

I really hope that you will continue to run your module in the same manner combining the highest professional standards with the unique personal style.”


Full-time MBA student

“Personally, I was very happy to attend your Module, because I believe that not only financial and strategic modules are very useful in our future business life, but first of all, it is very important how we make ourselves happy in our current place.”

Full-time MBA

“People who attend the MBA do so for a variety of reasons, the most usual being for career development. The biggest error of any MBA candidate is to only see themselves only through the lens of gaining the three little letters that adorn course success. The successful MBA student will be the one that understands that is may be an achievement to pass and MBA, yet the real boon of the course is to become an MBA and this is where your module provides focus. Thank you for helping developing me further.”


Feedback on talk in Parliament

“You were fantastic tonight! You gave a brilliant, poised performance to a tough audience. You handled the questions very well and came across as someone with real passion and belief in your work. I was mightily impressed.”
Rob Wirszycz

Chairman and Advisor, Major IT companies and former Director General of TechUK

“Thank you for inviting me tonight. Your session was a great success and you did extremely well. I admire the way you took all the questions so well. In particular, the introduction of your session was so admirably well grounded on the day and place, truly witty and remarkable, the quotes you gave, your style. The pace was excellent. I hope you took many useful contacts and it will help sell your excellent book.”
Dr Stephane Girod

Assistant Professor of International Business and Strategy, Henley Business School, University of Reading

“Vlatka – tonight was super impressive. The room was buzzing with enthusiasm – your passion is contagious. Thank you so much for inviting me. I felt very privileged to be there.”
Dr Annemarie O’Connor

Director, The Mindworks

“Vlatka’s presentation was excellent with a lot of facts and information that I had also heard from other speakers who are pushing similar approaches to the workplace. What Vlatka does though that I have not seen before is to explain the different Leadership levels and their meanings. Vlatka also touched on the tools she has developed to shift the organisation and this left me intrigued to read the book and find out more!”
Tony Price

Deputy MD, Genuine Solutions

“Your presentation was powerful and you answered the questions raised most skilfully. Well done!”
Richard Chiumento

Director, Rialto Consultancy

“Dear Vlatka, I am so proud of you. Sky is the limit! Your mission goes much further then leadership and management, your mission is to revive the humanity, inspiration and positive energy to our wonderful world and civilization.”
Dr Zrinka Lulic


“Dear Vlatka, you made an important step forward yesterday. Well done – congratulations.”
Arie de Geus

Author, The Living Organisation

“Vlatka, congratulations on an excellent talk and discussion last night. You generated such a buzz in the room, and the enthusiasm and support for your ideas were very evident – well done! Your ideas are a timely inspiration that should capture the imagination of many managers enthusiastic for a better way – not just in the workplace but in our wider community. I look forward to helping you in any way in taking this excellent work to the next level, and inspiring the world!”
Jan Schapira

Communications Consultant, JS Corporate Communications

“Congratulations on your talk! Very impressed by your confidence and how easily you reflected the fire of questions.”
Cathy Purtill-Lassalle


“An impactful view of a growing problem in business.”
Stuart Lotherington

Senior Partner, SBR Consulting

“Vlatka, Congratulations! You did a wonderful presentation (no notes!!), food for thought for all of us.”
Jane Vessey

Director, Wentworth Advisors

“Many thanks for your talk the other day, it was really interesting!”
Nick Peters

Editor, Business First magazine

“Thank you very much for your excellent talk last week, I thoroughly enjoyed listened to you and to the lovely discussion afterwards.”
Katherine Galliano

Director People and Culture, The Vision Fund

Feedback on training sessions

“The training was magical, both from an overall delivery point of view and the amazing venue; surrounded by great big trees. As previous CFO and Director for Human Resources I have been waiting for the Six box leadership diagnostic and Vlatka’s deep thinking. I have never seen anything so well thought through and impactful from a business perspective. It combined the dimensions of Strategy & Operations and Culture and Leadership to create a really powerful tool to assess organizational success and longevity. From a training perspective Vlatka has thought of all the possible materials one could need to deliver the package to a client. Truly phenomenal and life changing. Thank you Vlatka for the amazing two days. Can’t wait for number three and more learning.”

Talita Ferreira

Founder, Authentic Change Solutions Ltd

“It’s not often I find myself in a two-day workshop where time passes in a flash, yet with Vlatka July 2017, that is where I found myself.  In the ‘Zone’, being challenged to up my own game and find stronger and more creative ways to help others up their game.  We explored dilemmas and paradoxes, each time we ended with simple solutions to complex challenges.  Finding different and non-threatening ways to help organisations become aware of their blind-spots and what to do about them.  Having a truly dynamic strategy that will identify how and what the Organisation can do next, to make the changes they want.  Over the years, I have come across many organisations that say they want to change, but as soon as they start opening the jar, the lid goes back on tight once more.  With the 6 Box framework, when the jar is opened, safe insights would seem to emerge.  What a powerful way to develop any organisation and we look forward to being able to train at the next level.  Those that seek to bring in a new way of working would do well to have a look and see what they may have to learn also.”

Rod Willis

Founder, Assentire Ltd

“The need to change the workplace from unhealthy ‘command and control’ to ‘collaborative and purposeful’ is evident. But how do we go about this? I was privileged to be part of this new programme designed to help us start to make these changes

The Management Shift® ®programme provides a methodology to engage in the fascinating but often complex world of leading ourselves and others. Our mindset and attitude is key, and Vlatka’s work has delivered clear guidance on what ‘being’ at our best looks and feels like, enabling us to make these small changes from day one – the Individual Shift.

How an organisation conducts itself is critical to its success. We explored how The 6 Box Model Diagnostic, an accessible, yet comprehensive profile and toolset to help align and develop the organisation. This is the start of the Organisational Shift, to bring about improved business performance whilst making a positive difference in the workplace and wider system.

Vlatka’s years of experience is evident in the knowledge she shares combined with the supporting resources, and her passion to ‘make the world a better place’ for ourselves and future generations is inspiring. Thank you for this special day.”

Debbie Willis

Co-founder, Assentire Ltd

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