The Future of Management is Here: an Unstoppable Metamorphosis to a Butterfly

(an excerpt from Chapter 7 of “The Management Shift” book)

The future of management is already here. ‘The Management Shift’ is already happening for many individuals and organisations. As Gary Hamel wrote in his landmark article in Harvard Business Review ‘Moon Shots for Management'(1): ‘Equipping organizations to tackle the future would require a management revolution no less momentous than the one that spawned modern industry.’ Similarly, in his interview for the Forbes Magazine, Don Tapscott said that we are ‘at a punctuation point in human history where the industrial age and institutions have finally come to their logical conclusion’(2). (more…)

Excerpt from “The Management Shift” Preface

In business management, there is a problem. There is also an historic opportunity. The problem is that our conventional hierarchical approach, with a senior management operating ‘command and control’, is no longer a credible option for a rapidly changing, unpredictable, global business environment. The opportunity comes from the wealth of evidence and thinking behind an enlightened alternative. In this book I shall describe what I call ‘The Management Shift’, that focuses on people, their collaboration and sense of purpose. (more…)