In the press

Professor Hlupic appears regularly in the media with her interviews, articles and expert commentaries. Examples of her media appearances are provided here.

Recent interviews

Links to press articles

Harvard Business Review: To Be a Better Leader, Give Up Authority

Changeboard Blog: The Management Shift: An engaging strategy

Interview on “Bad Bosses at the Heart of Employee Turnover” – Forbes

Computer Weekly: Innovation, collaboration and performance: Use new leadership to align IT with business results

The Telegraph: British managers must build for the future

Dialogue Review: Management 2.0: the authentic and trustworthy organization

The Guardian Roundtable

Marketing Magazine: How To Foster An Open Source Culture

The Guardian: Public sector use of social media takes off

Training Zone: Giving up power can boost performance and profits

“Think more deeply, act more persuasively”– guest blog for the Global Peter Drucker Forum

“A shift to a higher leadership level”, Croatian United Nations Association

“Putting ourselves back in charge” – guest blog for Mick Yates’ blog

“It is all about people” – HR Magazine

“Is our management fit for purpose?” – guest blog on GoToMeeting blog

“A shift to a new leadership level” – World Commerce Review

“Leading in all directions” – Edge Magazine

“Interview for Croats in London portal”

“Interview for Women in Adria portal”

“Three reasons why humans will beat robots in the battle of brains” – Dialogue Magazine blog

“Humans aren’t resources – so let’s stop treating them that way” – People Management, December 2015, pp.34-35

“Why Paying more can reduce your cost base” – CMI Insights

“Let’s rebrand HR: Human Resonance” – HR Magazine

“Shifting to a Higher Level of Individual And Organizational Consciousness” – Huffington Post blog

Vlatka Hlupic: ”Engaging teams in smaller businesses” – Edge

Vlatka Hlupic: “A six-shooter for better business” – Dialogue Review, December 2015

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