Level 5 ‘limitless’ mindset and ‘The Management Shift’

I wrote ‘The Management Shift’ book to change the world of business and live my passion and purpose. And, in turn, this book has changed my life. Since its launch in November last year, I have been doing many keynote talks, writing numerous guest blogs and articles, giving interviews for journalists, attending numerous events etc. I also won several prestigious awards and have been nominated for a few more. When we pursue our purpose, the success follows us. This is all great, but the most exciting part comes from connecting with thousands of people, meeting many of them in person at various events, and receiving wonderful messages of support over the last eight months from all over the world. For a humanist like myself that is priceless! I said in some of my talks, as I have been preaching ‘The Management Shift’ ideas to various groups of people, I feel like I am a politician, and that my political party is called ‘humanity’.

Someone told me recently that ‘The Management Shift’ is making a global impact. And, it occurred to me, what a great Level 5 statement (the 5 Levels of mindset and organisational culture are explained in Chapter 4). Examples of Level 5 statements include: ‘We are making a global impact’, ‘We can achieve what other people thought cannot be done’, and‘We are all connected’.

It is interesting, in order to complete the amount of work that was needed to be done for this book, that was only possible with Level 5 ‘limitless’ mindset that believes that anything is possible to achieve no matter what obstacles have to be overcome, the book shows the benefits of such mindset for individuals and organisations (someone told me recently, if I had not written this book, someone else should have done it, as the world needs it), and the book itself is making Level 5 impact! If we believe that dreams can come true, it can happen. Especially when our mindset is limitless!

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