Fractals and The Management Shift

Fractals are the structure of nature. They are mathematical, iterative, self-similar, infinite, natural, ever-changing, and born of the same equations. We see them everywhere in nature – in the shape of leaves, trees, flowers….

Since we are a part of nature, we also have fractal patterns – in our veins, brain wiring, in our experiences, emotions, beliefs and behavioural patterns.

We experience iterative life, always using new information to plug into our next experiences. We have certain beliefs formed by experience. We do something and get a certain result. We use that belief and plug it into the next experience which shapes the outcome of that experience and we get this belief more deeply ingrained in subconscious mind. And that goes on and on.

Like fractals, our beliefs and experiences are self-similar. We keep experiencing the same pattern, the same type of energy and similar outcomes as they are being determined by the same fractal formula – repetition rule. These self-similar patterns will happen from the level of our cells, our mindset and to the level of culture and beyond as equation is infinite. That explains how The Management Shift ripples are spreading from each of the 5 Levels.

Using the fractal terminology, to shift up to the next Level, especially between Levels 3 and 4 where we experience vertical development, we need to change the equation. That requires changes in thinking patterns, beliefs and actions. This process of shifting, transforming and recharging will often seem chaotic until it is completed. At that point we might not be able to see which new fractal shape is going to emerge, but we need to trust that a new, more beautiful shape will materialise at a higher level (especially from Level 4).

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