Conscious leadership advisors are in high demand due to the Great Resignation. People are seeking workplaces that are not just stable, but mutually nurturing and supportive, as well as enabling a life of value, purpose and meaning – and it seems there is a growing awareness that this is an important idea whose time has come.
The problem with the ‘Resignation Epidemic’ is that it is expensive. Turnover costs are estimated to exceed 150% of an employee’s salary, and in some industries are much higher. And as the war for talent heats up, and it becomes harder to attract new staff, employers need to figure out a strategy that keeps their best employees around.
But the solution is not just about offering competitive salaries and flexible working arrangements, although these things certainly help.
What people really want is for their work to matter, for their employer to be a good corporate citizen, to have purpose-driven leadership and for the organisation’s mission to align with their personal values.
According to Gallup studies, this is particularly important for millennials, who represent over half of today’s workforce. In fact, millennials will quit a job they don’t love in pursuit of one that offers better alignment with their values.
So where does a conscious leadership advisor fit in? A conscious leadership advisor can assist with creating clear strategies and plans that support an environment where everyone is engaged, thriving and contributing, leading to improved performance and profitability.
Here is an example of a London-based insurance company that hired a conscious leadership advisor to improve company culture:
This underwriting agency is a privately owned medium-sized company serving small and medium-sized employers. It is a principled firm, looking to provide tailored services and with a strong emphasis on customer service. The main objective of working with Management Shift Solutions Limited team was to improve performance and employee engagement. 
The advisor has used our 6 Box Leadership organisational diagnostic that revealed headline scores were high, but with some significant variation between senior leadership team and the rest of employees. Overall, the scores in ‘Individuals’ box were 21 percentage points higher than scores in ‘Culture’ box. The findings demonstrated very clear strengths and developmental needs. The company scored well on, for example, employee motivation, focus on the customer and innovation; but there was scope for improvement in managing for the long term, introducing a more coaching-style of management and involving staff in developing strategy. 
The survey led to an overhaul of communications, employee development and social responsibility initiatives. Managers reported that the more people-focused approach has substantially improved engagement and performance. 
 What is the role of a conscious leadership advisor?
A conscious leadership advisor assists leaders with their own personal transformation so they can become more effective leaders and have the ability to influence the entire organisation. A leader who can see their own blind spots will be able to model this behaviour for others.  
A conscious leadership advisor not only works with senior leaders, but they can also assess the qualities of individual team members. They will work with you one on one, or with your whole team, building an environment that is safe for self-development and aware of the power of shared values.
They will help you to understand that as a leader, you can change how your company is perceived by your staff and clients. You can be an engine for positive change in the company and wider society.
A conscious leadership advisor is different from a coach or therapist because her/his role is more strategic. He/she can spot patterns in your behaviour that will affect the way you lead, and help you make choices that will create more positive results. This person can also help you take steps to build your own self-awareness and become more conscious in what you are doing.
The essence of conscious leadership is that someone who understands the meaning of consciousness can help people to lead their lives more consciously and meaningfully. This means that they are aware of their needs, feelings and values as well as their purpose or goal.
Whether you are exploring various paths of growth and leadership or growing your business, consulting with a conscious leadership advisor can help you find the answers you need. Your goals may change over time, but that doesn’t mean that your goals for this moment cannot be attained with the help of one of these experts.
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