In addition to her mainstream academic and consulting work, Professor Hlupic has obtained numerous coaching qualifications. She is passionate about personal development and has a keen desire to help others achieve their full potential.

Since 2006, she has been coaching or advising C-level executives in the private, public and voluntary sectors helping them shift their mindset to the new level of performance. 


I have been most fortunate to have had Professor Vlatka Hlupic as my executive coach. After only one session with her, my confidence has increased and some of my worries were dealt with. Her coaching has been a fantastic illustration of her positive power.

Dr N.C.A.

Founder and Director, Thai Group of Companies

Vlatka is a visionary who balances logic, research, understanding and reason, with intuition, innovation and a holistic worldview. Her research is leading edge and her desire to make a difference is second to none.

Chris Walton MSc

Performance Psychologist