Axiom’s silver medal award for “The Management Shift” – but it is not just about the words!

It feels fantastic that “The Management Shift” has obtained yet another major international recognition. It has been awarded a Silver Medal in the “Leadership” category of the global 2015 Axiom Business Books Awards. The annual awards are the largest and most respected critical guidepost for the best cutting-edge business books in today’s world of publishing, helping readers discover new and innovative works and understand changing business trends and technologies.  More than  400 submissions were made from across the globe and this year’s winners represent works from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, South Korea and Switzerland.

Furthermore, “The Management Shift”  book has been ranked by Forbes as one of the best business books in 2014, it has been critically acclaimed by many business leaders and academics including representatives from Harvard and London Business School, and a summary article, based on the book’s content, was also a winner in the CMI Management Articles of the Year Award 2015.

As I reflect on all awards, recognition and attention that “The Management Shift” has been getting worldwide, it feels wonderful that all the years of hard work are being recognised. But, there is a people dimension in all this that humbles me most of all. All individual messages of support I have been getting from all over the world and continuously growing size of The Management Shift tribe gives me that fantastic feeling that all the effort has been appreciated.

But all this is not just about the words. Most of all, I am delighed by a recognition of my passion to make a positive difference. David Meggitt commented on my post about the Axiom Award:”It’s not just the words. It is the passionate intention of Vlatka to act on them that really tells“. This was echoed by  Dawna Jones: “Congratulations Vlatka! A nice way to reward a huge amount of work and passion for making a difference!” Similarly, Bills Nelson wrote: “An excellent achievement for what I consider to be one of the most important pieces of work in many years. Wonderfully realistic, soundly theorised, passionately written. Vlatka must become more widely recognised as a leading thinker and mentor for all sizes of business that she unquestionably is. A must for every business, management, professional qualification student and practitioner, this book is a serious contribution to learning and practice.”

I agree, it is not just about the words, it is about an action and intention too. But nevertheless, thank you all for your wonderful support and kind words!

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